SAP HANA and Intel Help Power Disruptive Innovation

John Schitka

Posted by John Schitka on December 14, 2015

Senior Director Big Data Analytics Solution Marketing

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Blue oceans, market disruption, innovation, this is what successful, sustainable, evolving business is all about. In order to innovate and disrupt you need the right technology to give you the edge and do things that were not feasible previously. This market disruption is what Prescient is doing for traveler safety with its Prescient Traveler product. The geospatial, text analytic, and real-time capabilities of SAP HANA are core to making this offering a reality and changing the landscape of traveler safety. You can read about it here and watch a video here about Prescient Traveler, and how SAP technology along with Intel help drive this innovative product. A special note of appreciation has to go out to Intel who funded the creation of the video, thus allowing this story to be told.

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Market disruption and innovation was what SAP achieved with the introduction of SAP HANA and Intel processors have been part of that journey. SAP HANA scan performance, how many database items scanned per second, has been optimized to benefit from the Intel® AVX2 processor for example. There are solution briefs that discuss this and Hasso Plattner wrote a blog earlier this year The Impact of Intel’s Haswell Architecture on SAP’s HANA (SP10). Intel’s latest generation of processors have embedded features that optimize performance in SAP HANA and the more powerful your hardware platform is, the better it can leverage the capabilities of SAP HANA. The recently released Intel® Xeon®Processor E5-2600 v3 product family, for example, adds 50 percent more cores and cache2 over the previous generation and includes other hardware enhancements, such as Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel® AVX2) and Intel® Quick Path Interconnect (Intel® QPI), which significantly boost output across a broad set of workloads.

SAP HANA running on Intel processors disrupted and reshaped a market, and now continues to help power others to do the same.

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