Introducing the SAP Digital Enterprise Platform

The Digital Economy is here. And if you don’t believe it, it’s already too late for you. 

As economies become more efficient and digital in nature, the rules for them – and the businesses within – change entirely. New digital technology opens new business models, which in turn give rise to new and potentially disruptive market entrants. For example, who would have thought just a few years ago, a simple app like Uber would disrupt the entire transportation industry and become the biggest transportation company – all without owning any cars?! This shift is accelerating in every industry and compelling every established organization to transform itself into a “Digital Enterprise.” All with the goal to not only survive, but thrive in this new social and business reality.

If you are a believer and on the path to becoming a digital enterprise, entirely new outcomes await.

Let me show you a few examples of digital outcomes:

  • Our platform connects to our 500,000 strong suppliers on our Ariba network and can automatically order parts from new suppliers to avoid disruption to your supply chain or manufacturing process.
  • Our customers are using SAP solutions to predict when parts on equipment will fail and automatically order, ship and schedule maintenance to avoid customer disruption.
  • Our products can monitor trends in network logs and match them to suspicious financial ledger entries in real time to identify and prevent fraud.
  • Our retail customers use our solutions to create precise, real time offers at the retail point of sale based on the weather outside and a customer’s previous purchases.

I hope I’ve successfully made a point here that will quiet the non-believers for a moment:  becoming a Digital Enterprise isn’t something you do for technology’s sake. It’s ultimately to enable your business to produce better services, products and outcomes for your customers, much faster and of course at a lower cost.

As organizations begin their transformation to become a digital enterprise, the unequivocal and natural starting point and enabler is the core technology infrastructure upon which a company runs. The reason to begin at the core of your business is simple: organizations with a modern, digital enterprise platform will be more agile and responsive to their customers than their competitors. Even the best rider in the world today can’t win the Tour de France on a bicycle built ten years ago. Modern technology has advanced the sport far beyond the ability of the rider alone. This is also the case with businesses and the need for a Digital Enterprise Platform.

Enter The SAP Digital Enterprise Platform: (You knew this was coming!) 

As we look forward to the next 12 months, our mission will be nothing short of becoming the leading digital enterprise platform solution provider for any business that wants to win in their respective digital economy.

The SAP Digital Enterprise Platform is comprised of a state of the art enterprise data storage and compute platform, critical data integration and application development tools, as well as best in class front office analytics tools. All of these capabilities are integrated via our cloud services that enable organizations to dramatically increase value delivery to customers at significantly lower costs, through digital transformation and simplification.

Ask yourself right now: does my organization spend more time integrating disparate technologies, or does it spend most of your time on innovating to move forward? I find most organizations confuse lateral movement for forward motion.

So how is this different than what “other” enterprise players offer? 

  • First and foremost, a single digital enterprise foundation, known as SAP HANA, which is a modern, open, standards-based, 100% in-memory and the enterprise compute and storage platform that drives simplification and agility while powering next generation edge-to-core connected business applications.
  • An open, cloud-based, business platform-as-a-service – SAP HANA Cloud Platform, or HCP -, which enables users to rapidly extend ANY SAP application, all through the cloud. HCP is designed to deliver immediate business value in hours. Check out
  • A comprehensive, cloud-based analytics portfolio that delivers powerful business intelligence, planning, performance management, and predictive insight. These solutions extend HANA (digital core) by enabling forward-looking, compelling insight into organizational behavior and performance, which can be instantly translated into action. Check out
  • Complete contextual awareness by integrating seamlessly with your big data platform via a breakthrough technology called SAP VORA. This is our game changer for you in the data center. It offers a way to achieve low cost yet high speed compute, analysis and insight on any amount of data contained within modern systems such as Hadoop.
  • A completely integrated Data and Application management services suite to enable an end-to-end connected enterprise. In contrast to some technologies that attempt to “fuse” dozens of disparate products. This allows you to tie systems into our singular platform, HANA.
  • Integration with the SAP Business Network, enabling organizations to efficiently leverage network effects by collaborating with suppliers of products and services as well as contingent labor forces to create more efficient business scenarios for travel, manufacturing, supply chain, retail, and more. No other company on the planet in the software market has anything like this.

Here’s a figure that shows how each piece is connected.

IoT Platform

Figure 1: The SAP Digital Enterprise Platform, pictured here, enables your organization to connect every application, data element and action to gain new insight and drive new business outcomes:


In Part 2, I will go into more detail around the core principles of the digital enterprise platform.

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