The Core Principles of the Digital Enterprise Platform

In Part 1 of this 3-part series, I introduced the concept of the Digital Enterprise Platform. In part 2, I outline the core principles of a modern Digital Enterprise Platform.

As I outlined in my previous blog, the SAP Digital Enterprise Platform is intended to enable your business to produce better services, products and outcomes for your customers, much faster and at a lower cost.

Now that we know what the Digital Enterprise Platform is, the next question that comes to mind is what core principles are central to the platform itself. There are several:

Simple: The SAP DEP delivers a real-time, radically simplified architecture for operating all core business functions of a modern, digital enterprise, without the complexity of legacy enterprise infrastructure, thereby enabling organizations to innovate faster. In short, customers have a simplified landscape and can focus on innovating versus integrating.

Agile: All SAP Digital Enterprise Platform components are designed to be modular, instantly accessible via the public cloud or rapidly deployed as private cloud solutions, enabling any organization to quickly respond to changing market or industry conditions.

Cloud: the Digital Enterprise Platform from SAP is based on a “cloud first” philosophy but recognizes that many organizations will choose to operate in a hybrid infrastructure model for many years to come. The platform is designed to bridge these worlds while delivering the ability to do more with less. Using Cloud solutions, customers automatically benefit from the innovations as soon as they’re available – no extra installation needed.

Open: Products within the Digital Enterprise Platform portfolio are open and standards-based, using modern software design practices (such as RESTful architecture principles) as well as development support for commonly accepted and advanced application languages. This openness is woven throughout the platform as the entire portfolio integrates with any third-party data source or application development environment.

Mission critical: Operating a Digital Enterprise requires industrial-grade, highly available services that operate 24/7 with minimal support requirements. The platform is specifically designed to run mission critical solutions for enterprises in all industries, geographies, and segments. Across all SAP Digital Enterprise Platform solutions, SAP is focused on delivering world-class product quality and reliability required to operate your business flawlessly.

In the figure below you can see how the platform integrates with the entire portfolio of SAP solutions to deliver a complete end-to-end solution for customers to run their business successfully.

In part 3 of this series, we’ll look at the benefits of the Digital Enterprise Platform and talk about why companies need to go digital now.


Figure 1: The SAP Digital Enterprise Platform, pictured here, integrates with other SAP applications such as S/4HANA, Ariba, SuccessFactors, Concur and Customer Engagement and Commerce.


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