HANA smart data integration simplifies connecting and consuming Facebook data into HANA with Apache Camel Adapter

In our previous blog, Simplifying your SAP HANA data integration landscape, we presented the motivation for a next generation ETL tool built natively in HANA. This new HANA Information Management (or ETL) tool is architected to support integration with any data sources available anywhere. In addition, the architecture supplies the benefits of in-memory processing in HANA, which provides a massive performance boost along with an open framework, and an SDK is included in this native HANA solution to build any adapter we need.

After focusing on simplification of data integration landscape, we want to explore the openness of HANA smart data integration with the adapter SDK and other tools. This SDK is already open sourced so that our customers and/or partners can build adapters to connect to any of their data sources to take advantages of the real-time HANA platform. In fact, we use this SDK to build and release a set of pre-delivered adapters, which is listed at SAP Help Portal.

We are pleased to inform you that in our SPS11 release, we went one step further in the data source support area. (By the way, in addition to the presentation, you can browse the SAP EIM Channel for SPS 11 videos.) Apache Camel offers a large set of components which can be used to connect to various data sources to HANA. The HANA smart data integration SPS11 release includes a Camel Facebook adapter which is a pre-delivered component that is based upon Camel adapter. You can use the Camel Facebook component to connect to and retrieve data from Facebook. In addition to Facebook, many other components are available from the Apache Software Foundation website. This is a framework adapter that you use to create your own custom adapters with little or no coding effort and you can connect to existing Apache Camel components.

If you are interested in consuming Facebook data in SAP HANA, we strongly recommend that you follow this step by step process, along with the associated videos, to use Camel Facebook adapter to retrieve Facebook data into HANA. Then, build your own amazing applications in HANA with social media data.

Explore our pre-delivered adapters to connect your Facebook, Twitter, Odata, Hadoop/Hive data (as well as many others) into HANA, or build your own adapter using our adapter SDK, or reuse Apache Camel components to bring any data from anywhere into HANA with Hana smart data integration.

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HANA smart data integration simplifies connecting and consuming Facebook data into HANA with Apache Camel Adapter, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings