Part Two: How PaaS Facilitates Digital Transformation

Hopefully you enjoyed the first part of this blog post that laid the foundation for how PaaS and Digital Transformation are mutual allies. Now I am delighted to continue this story by providing more detail around how customers are using SAP’s Platform as a Service offering (HANA Cloud Platform) to realize their digital transformation initiatives.


HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) Introduction
HCP is SAP’s market leading PaaS offer. It has been in the market for the past few years and has over 1,500 active customers actively using the platform. HCP covers many (if not all) areas of PaaS with robust services covering Database as a service (DBaaS), Integration (iPaaS), Application Development (aPaaS), Business Services, Mobile Services and Internet of Things Services to name a few. Please check out our HCP Web site for further details. The concept behind HCP is for your developer and user community to have one convenient location to access all their usage needs. For developers they have access to the development tools they need and the ability to efficiently collaborate with other developers and project staff. For the user community you can personalize their user experience customizing the information they see and have access to as well as ensuring they are able to self-serve all their day to day needs. We have many customers using our HCP mobile and portal tools to efficiently and effectively serve their user stakeholders be they consumers, employees, citizens or part of a company’s ecosystem.


HANA Cloud Platform Customer Examples
There are three HCP customer examples I like to talk about. The first is the Hamburg Port Authority. As the name suggests HPA operates the port of Hamburg which is the second largest port in Europe. They are currently experiencing growth of 6% per year which will mean their current daily truck load of 5.5K per day will increase by 36% over the next 5 years. This translates to two thousand additional truck loads per day for the HPA to manage and efficiently handle. The HPA is unable to dramatically change their physical limitations (German road network, associated traffic, number of deep water ports etc), so they have to run their business in an optimal way to avoid inhibiting the growth and popularity of their port in this globally competitive modern world. HPA therefore was an early adopter in embracing and utilizing SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform with all of its PaaS benefits. For example HPA was able to integrate IOT data feeds from all the associated trucks using the port. This data integration enables HPA to take action in terms of optimizing the use of their dock and parking berths for inbound and outbound trucks, optimizing a smooth flow of trucks and minimizing inefficiencies such as empty spots, truck waiting time etc. HPA as a result has been able to save 5-10 minutes per truck and double their loading throughput. Impressive realization of digitally based benefits to transform a physical world issue.


The second HCP customer example that I’d like to quickly share is Siemens and their industry cloud initiative. Siemens is seeking to connect their entire industrial ecosystem via SAP’s HCP cloud from OEM suppliers all the way through to their installed based customers. If a Siemens industrial machine fails it can severely disrupt a strategic customers entire production line. Siemens is therefore seeking to get more proactive and predictive in its monitoring and caring for their customer’s active equipment. By collecting and analyzing this data Siemens is able to help their customer base resolve equipment issues before they become customer affecting. Further this connectivity enables Siemens to provide its customer base with ongoing services and value. By providing Siemen’s OEM access to this information, Siemen’s suppliers can also benefit from understanding how their sub-components or modules within Siemens equipment is performing. These OEM partners can in turn improve their equipment’s design and performance based on real-time results. OEM partners can also benefit from developing value added services in connection with the overall Siemens industrial equipment to improve end customer satisfaction and retention. This innovative industrial cloud approach provides Siemens customers with truly unique services, performance and functionality which improves overall customer satisfaction, retention and ultimately cumulative recurring revenue.


The third HCP customer I’d like to share with you is Genband (owned by JP Morgan Chase) who are a global telecommunications services provider. Genband wanted to radically change the tools that their sales and services organizations were leveraging to service their customer base. Genband wanted a new approach that involved rapid development cycles, easy to use software (intuitive to avoid training costs and maximize user adoption) and rapid access to customer information. By using HCP application development tools Genband was able to implement Sales and Services self-service portals in 10 week delivery cycles and were able to provide their employees with 50% of the functionality and data they needed on a daily basis with 1 click on the tile-based user friendly user interface. Further they were able to leverage SAP’s tile based user interface to service 90% of user needs within 3 clicks. This digital transformation enabled Genband to reduce the overall number of service tickets by 30% and increase service throughput by 20%. Finally Genband credits HCP with reducing service process complexity 10 fold. That’s a great return on only 10 weeks effort.


How you can get started?
SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform is extremely easy to get started with. We have complementary trial versions available on our Web site and our paid production versions have licensing and pricing that enable you to start small and grow as you need to over time. HCP can help you with all areas of your digital transformation or just a sub set. You can get started with new user-based applications, transform a recent big data effort into an actionable project or user HCP to get your IOT initiative connected to your backend core business systems. Go on you can do it!


Thanks for reading this blog post, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any follow up questions or requests.

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