The Benefits of the SAP Digital Enterprise Platform

In part 1 of this 3-part blog series, I talked about the Digital Enterprise Platform for the digital economy. In part 2, we looked at the core principles of the digital enterprise platform. Finally, part 3 will outline the benefits of the Digital Enterprise Platform and why companies need to “go digital” now.

In this final chapter of the blog series, I want to touch on the benefits that customers can achieve with the SAP Digital Enterprise Platform.

Starting with the adoption of the digital core, SAP HANA, any organization can experience significant IT simplification and enhanced performance of existing business applications and processes. The Digital Enterprise Platform enables companies to reach previously unachievable positive business outcomes through dramatically accelerated innovation cycles. The simple question worth revisiting is this: Does your IT department spend more time integrating disparate products from multiple vendors or on innovating in partnership with the business to drive more compelling products and services for customers? I think that too many companies confuse lateral movement (integration efforts) with forward momentum (innovation efforts).

IT simplification can also be realized through a reduction in data footprint by multiple factors: elimination of redundant database systems for warehousing and predictive modeling requirements, as well as near “super-compute” levels of processing capability on common use hardware with powerful Intel chipsets, intrinsically capable of exploiting multi-core parallelism. This directly impacts the ability to innovate faster while being cost effective.

Another benefit, enhanced performance of existing business applications, spans nearly every existing solution SAP builds, without the need to rewrite code or change the application in any way. From improved financial insight, planning and accelerated customer engagement to faster core business operations to more intelligent supply chain management, implementing HANA as a digital core will accelerate, enhance and simplify all existing business applications from SAP, such as the Business Suite (i.e. ECC 6 and 7), SAP Business Warehouse, and SAP BusinessObjects.

In addition to improving and accelerating existing SAP business applications, SAP HANA enables faster innovation cycles for new business models and solutions. Using SAP HANA to support or develop next generation product offerings for customers frees every company from the complexity and bad medicine of legacy enterprise “stacks.” Over the past twenty years, costly and complex architectures have been prescribed to organizations, causing IT to become too focused on integrating business applications instead of innovating and developing new business models.

The SAP HANA core foundation is complimented by SAP VORA, our distributed computing framework which adds business coherency across unstructured big data and the digital transaction core, permitting even greater compute power and flexibility to the SAP Digital Enterprise Platform. VORA enables instant integration and connection to large volumes of contextual data contained outside an SAP environment and enables the mash up of business transaction data with contextual data collected from a variety of sources to enhance your insight into the behavior of your business. HANA VORA also integrates with major open source platforms HADOOP and Apache SPARK to provide data aging and dynamic tiering for greater economic storage.

Beyond the digital core, the SAP Digital Enterprise Platform empowers the front office in ways that are simply unattainable via other products or technologies from existing analytics vendors.

SAP Cloud for Analytics provides an entirely new experience for business users that allows instant access to data of any shape, size or type and provides a completely new way to gain insight. By combining the traditionally separate processes of data modeling, reporting, visualization and predictive into one experience, available entirely in the cloud, the promise of instant insight from the edge of your business operations to your core can finally be realized. A significant advantage of Cloud for Analytics is that it is built entirely on the HANA Cloud Platform, or HCP – our cloud based business Platform as a Service solution.

HCP is unique among PaaS Solutions in that it provides a single way for developers, including those in our ecosystem, to extend all of SAP’s existing solutions (on premise or in the cloud) and write new applications that will delight business users. This means that any company can utilize HCP to go from an idea to an app in hours and days, not weeks and months. HCP also transforms how the front office partners with IT to create new, breakthrough applications using business user friendly application design tools. These tools allow any employee to design an app and share it with their teams, creating an accelerated innovation cycle that is unmatched by other enterprise platform software offerings.

Of course, the larger question is how the SAP Digital Enterprise Platform fits within the broader SAP landscape and can power your entire business, simply and efficiently. This is shown in Figure 2 below.


Figure 2: The SAP Digital Enterprise Platform, an enabler of the Digital Enterprise and Digital Transformation.

You can learn more by watching a brief video in which I explain the concepts outlined above. It’s available now on YouTube.

It’s time to go digital. The digital economy is here, and the resulting shift to meet this new reality is accelerating in every industry and compelling every established organization to transform itself into a “Digital Enterprise.” All with the goal to not only survive, but thrive in this new social and digital business reality. SAP is delivering the Digital Enterprise Platform to thousands of organizations today who have begun their journey to becoming a digital enterprise.

The benefits are clear and SAP is ready to partner with you, enabling the digital transformation your company needs to lead in the new digital economy.

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