Join an Innovative SAP HANA Development Team

Seven years ago, three small development teams came together to revolutionize the enterprise database market. One team had built a high performance in-memory row store database. A second team had built a decent disk-based database. And a third team had built an in-memory data warehouse accelerator and text search engine. While coming together from diverse backgrounds, we all shared the same goal: turning Hasso Plattner’s vision to build an In-Memory Database that can unify OLTP and OLAP into a real product named SAP HANA. Over the last 7 years, SAP HANA has evolved from a database to an entire data platform. With database and advanced data processing services, we run the backbone of many enterprises today. With integration & virtualization services, customers can access all data in the enterprise through HANA – including Hadoop. And with the built-in HANA application platform services, high performance applications can be built directly in the HANA environment.

Our development organization has also evolved during the last years. From three small teams into an entire organization with exceptionally talented developers distributed across the globe. From Germany to South Korea, from the US to China. With growth, many things change, but we all kept one thing: our passion for innovation and for rethinking the possible. We do not rest on the great stuff we built in the last years, innovation is key for us today and in the future.

Now you can be part of this. As we continue to innovate the SAP HANA platform, we are looking for talented developers to join our team. Watch this video to discover what it is like to work at SAP on one of the most exciting and transformative solutions on the market today.

Bring Your Passion for Innovation to SAP

If you are passionate about technology and helping businesses run better with that technology, then SAP is the place for you. Discover exciting careers at SAP, and apply today. Join the SAP HANA team to gain the experience of a lifetime.

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