Event – April 6th , 2016- New York, NY, USA

Date: April 6th, 2016

Venue: SAP New York – 1114 Ave. of the Americas, Floor 32, New York, NY 10036

Event Starts: 10AM (EST) GMT- 6hrs

Light Lunch: 12PM to 12:30 PM

Event Ends: 3:00PM (#ST)


If you are from or around New York, Lock April 6th on your agenda from 10AM to 3PM as this is going to be a monumental SAP event in New York City, NY.

Please thank our Sponsors: Our Sponsors for the event are SAP America; Cisco, SungardAS, Pridevel and WWT

Background: We conduct this event twice a year. On Nov 11th, 2015, we had a very successful ‘ROAD-2-HANA event at Chicago which was designed to answer questions on ‘I plan to go to HANA but not sure how’. These sessions and the ones prior to them are available at

Based on our members’ feedback after our Chicago event, this event is all about building the Digital Enterprise.

This event is all about your ROAD2HANA- The Digital Enterprise.

The word on the street is ‘Disrupt or be Disrupted’. On one side your industry, products and services are becoming IT components. Your car is becoming a traveling set of sensors. According to Gartner research one of the biggest concerns with C level executives is the impact of the Digital Enterprise. Coupled with digital monetization – or how to monetize all the digital content some of us may inherently carry.

On the other side almost everything we do today leaves a trail of Digital Data. Almost everything our customers and vendors do also leaves a digital trail of where they shop, what we buy, why we buy, and how we influence others to buy it covers every facet of their lives. We all leave digital bread-crumbs every moment of our lives. The human interaction and face of Big data is right now taking its baby steps and the big question is -whether you are ready for this big change. This event is designed to share how we are helping customer get on the right path of creating their new Digital enterprise.

The three big bets today are Big-Data, IoT and the Digital enterprise. In this event we demonstrate how SAP companies are using SAP HANA as the digital hub for the big-bets. The process of re-architecting a current enterprise for the future digital enterprise is a very structured and scientific approach.   As more and more processes become digitized it becomes important to plan and leverage all the data being created by everything. The planet is now starting to build a digital nervous system and unless we as companies get plugged into this nervous system we shall be left like an illiterate outcast in the digital universe of our customers.

New York is the big-apple and the hub of all great things like finance, the wall-street, fashion, pharmaceuticals, banking and a whole lot of other industry hubs.

Please take time to thank our prime event sponsor is SAP America with their New York office and facilities so please take time to thank them. Cisco will once again be our co-Sponsor for the event and they are today the fastest growing X-86 server, Cisco are today also the global leaders in TDI HANA deployments along with leadership in networking, communications, Infrastructure and now internet security. Our second co-sponsor is Sungard-AS, they are the leaders in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant in Cloud DR Services and are your SAP HANA certified cloud partner. Sungard AS today provides SAP HANA Cloud services and HANA Pilot in the Cloud offerings for SAP customers.  Your fourth partner is PrideVel a global SAP HANA and Cisco Services strategic Business Benefits partner – providing HANA solutions for ‘Highest Quality at the Lowest cost’.

Note: If you are a HANA Customer, have a HANA initiative that is post production – then you need to come and share your experience with our audience- If so please send us an email with your topic to be considered to be part of the event.  As usual we want to give our group members a first chance to share their success stories and business benefits with the group. Contact Hari or Scott with your business case, net new solution offer or what you would like to present. Remember we only have 6 sessions. Customer sessions will have highest priority.

If you are planning to migrate to SAP HANA in 2016 or 17 then this event is for you.

In order to attend the event – You need to do two things immediately!

FIRST: You need to be a member in the ‘In-Memory SAP HANA’ Group for this event. This is SAP’s official SAP HANA Social Networking group. If not please register at:         

SECOND: REGISTER early for the event for these reasons. [A], Our New York event has a maximum capacity of 60 so once that is filled there will be no more physical confirmations. Once filled you can only attend remotely via WebEx from anywhere on the planet. One rule we changed from last time is that we will need your company emails during registration. Confirmation for Physical attendance will be sent prior to the event, i.e. do not attend if you do not get the confirmation email [B] The WebEx link will only be sent to “Registered” attendees. So whether you are attending physically or participating remotely, you can only attend by registering.  

EVENT REGISTRATION: URL for ‘Road2HANA-The Digital Enterprise

  1. Register for the Event & Select your Session Topics till Mar 15th


  1. Also Vote for the Sessions you want us to Run, i.e. Group Crowd-Sourcing for our session topics. NOTE: This selection will close on March 15th, 2016

KEEP TUNED FOR UPDATES & DEVELOPMENTS: – Registering. And then Plan to attend the event physically or remotely from wherever you are on planet earth.  Details will be communicated only to registered attendees for the event updates and attendee updates. HANA is all about co-innovation and our event once again will be in the SAP Offices in New York City. Register early and make sure your seat is reserved in a timely manner.


9:30  Arrival/Registration    
10:00  Start    
10:00 – 10:15  Welcome  Scott Feldman & Hari Guleria Group Welcome
10:15 – 10:45  KEYNOTE – Building the Business Case for a  Digital Enterprise  Scott Feldman SAP
10:45 – 11:15  S4/HANA 1511- New Logistics Capabilities –  What’s New  Kevin Reilly Former CIO – Eby Brown
11:15 – 12:00  Big-Data, IoT, VORA, & Digital enterprise  Hari Guleria PrideVel
12:00 – 12:30  Lunch & Networking    
12:30 – 13:15  Roadmap to SAP HANA Cloud Decisions  Andrew Nichols Sungard
13:15 – 14:00  Structured Approach to HANA Migrations  Jay Manda PrideVel
14:00 – 14:45  Building a Business Case for HANA TDI  Jenny Hobbs Cisco
14:45 – 15:00  Wrap-up and Q & A – Prizes (15 mins) RSVP

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