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More and more companies see the need to become a digital enterprise to do live business at their core. There is a multitude of different recommendations on how an enterprise can master digital transformation, however there is also a simple straight-forward approach. Consider the technology trends and what they make feasible: Smart devices and social collaboration provide an abundance of data anywhere, any time and the emergence of cloud computing gives all the flexibility, storage capacity and compute power that data processing needs. Hyper connectivity allows you to access the data that matters for you. These are the ingredients that allow you to innovate your business, to become a digital enterprise. How?

First, you need to make sense out of big data, you need to distill the insights that help innovate your business. Second you need to leverage the insights across and within your business processes. And third, you need to extend and innovate your business processes and models to deliver outcome and to transform your business.

Along this roadmap: data to insight, insight to action and action to outcome, we found that five patterns are common in all use cases of digital enterprises: deliver insight and foresight, act in the moment, streamline work, network your business and deliver innovative outcomes. Are you getting more curious on how SAP can help here, how SAP solutions can help to build your digital enterprise platform? Visit SAPPHIRE and take the 30min Digital Enterprise tour. It starts in the Digital Enterprise Platform Campus (reception desk) on all SAPPHIRE days at 11:00 am and 12:30 pm and on Tuesday/Wednesday also at 2:00pm and 3:30 pm.

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