Enterprise-Scale Innovation with SAP HANA

Well here we are, it’s May and that means it’s SAPPHIRE season…which wouldn’t even BE SAPPHIRE these days without a new wave of HANA innovations making the news. (Which is a VERY good thing.) SAPPHIRE is where we first unveiled HANA five years ago and it has been the cornerstone of SAP’s overall strategy ever since. Our development team has continuously driven new innovations in and around HANA and I’m thrilled that this year is no exception! With renewed attention on the relationship between cloud and on-premise and an expanded maintenance offering, there’s a lot going on in the world of HANA. So I wrote this blog to drill down an extra level and take a closer look.


Hybrid is Reality

Hybrid is absolutely a reality and we’re addressing it head on with HANA. Many of our customers opt to run some apps and processes in the Cloud, and others on-premise. SAP fully supports whichever model works best for you and this is evident in how we’ve developed the latest version of HANA. We are offering a beta program that helps strategic customers get direct hands-on access to what we call “hybrid data management services” in the cloud. This will allow customers to use the best parts of both on-premise and the cloud for greater agility and of course, lower TCO predicated on the point that less hardware and integration labor is required in this scenario. The first service available in the beta program is SAP HANA capture and replay, enabling IT to treat the cloud as an extension of an on-premise environment. SAP experts will be available to facilitate rapid proof-of-concept (POC) implementations to ensure positive return on investment. You can learn more about the program here.


Visualize and Capture

The good news is the goodness doesn’t stop there. An additional new feature of the latest release, graph data processing, enables organizations to visualize large numbers of data connections to better understand the complex relationships between people, places, and things. This will allow companies to get market insights in real-time and address issues such as detecting fraud or uncover new business opportunities like product correlations.


Capture and replay, mentioned above, is worth providing an ounce more color on, because it’s THAT good. It helps IT to capture live workloads and replay them on a target system. This enables IT to evaluate new features, assess upgrade options, and measure the impact before making changes to the live production system. As a result, administrators can explore technology innovation, while reducing uncertainty, downtime and cost – all resulting in a lower TCO. In other words, the world of data management (not just for SAP data) just got better!


Manageable Maintenance Options (AKA “We Listened to You”)

Of course, your platform needs a basis of support, and the latest SAP HANA release delivers an expanded maintenance lifecycle program. With this new program, IT organizations now have a choice between consistent maintenance of their SAP HANA environment for up to three years or adopting the latest SAP HANA platform innovations twice a year. The selection is entirely at the customer’s discretion, and it’s our way of making HANA easier and better to run.


In addition, SAP just made it even easier for smaller companies to adopt HANA. We released an easy to deploy version of SAP HANA, Edge edition, at a low-entry price point for small and mid-sized business. The latest edition supports 32 GB database and 128 GB of dynamic tiering, enabling IT personnel to manage data as it grows by moving from in-memory to lower cost storage as needed. Just to sweeten things up a bit, we also added SAP Predictive Analytics to the package to enable SMEs to analyze their business and predict future outcomes, simply!


We do want to spread the love a little, so SAP HANA, Edge edition is available to customers through indirect channels, i.e. you get it from a partner. This is great, because we have hundreds of partners with certified HANA consultants for the SME market.


SAP HANA Innovation Award – Showcasing Customer Innovation

Aaaaaand I saved the best for last. I’m thrilled that we have thousands of customers innovating on HANA and very excited to announce the annual winners of our SAP HANA Innovation Awards, recognizing customers who are innovating with HANA to transform their business in today’s digital economy. With over 100 entries from 36 countries the final winners are: Mercy Health (Analytics Wizard), Vodafone (Digital Trailblazer), Lenovo (Process Simplifier) and Stanford Medical Center (Next-Gen Apps). You can learn all the details of their use cases here. Congrats to the winners, and keep innovating! You inspire us more than you could imagine!

I have developed some very good relationships with great people at these companies and many more not mentioned here…and I am incredibly proud of the passion and innovation demonstrated every day by so many brilliant people!

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