Can SAP HANA Fix the Healthcare Industry?

Posted by Christine Donato on November 22, 2016

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In a recent Oxford Economics study, “Healthcare Gets Personal,” 120 healthcare professionals were asked to respond to questions regarding their organizations’ use of personalized medicine.

Of those surveyed, over two-thirds reported improved patient outcomes from personalized-medicine initiatives and three-quarters of respondents expect to see value on their organizations in the next two years.

By leveraging high speed in memory analytics technology, healthcare organizations can now comprehend astronomical amounts of data, and with faster access to more effective treatments, physicians have time to serve more patients without sacrificing quality of care.

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Proves the Effectiveness of Data Sharing

Through its pioneering initiative, CancerLinQ™, ASCO has created a real-world, rapid learning healthcare system that aims to help oncology professionals analyze and share data on every patient with cancer.

“The number of participating practices and providers continues to grow all across the United States, already contributing to over one million patient records in the CancerLinQ™ system,” said Jennifer L. Wong, Chief of Strategic Alliances for CancerLinQ LLC.

CancerLinQ™ leverages SAP HANA to harness, assemble, and analyze all of the information flowing into the system.

“The more data we have on patients, the better chance we have of providing faster, more relevant, and actionable information to drive informed decision-making, potentially enabling more targeted treatments for more people. Currently, only 3% of cancer patients are enrolled in clinical trials. With CancerLinQ™, we can someday tap into information on the additional 97% of cancer patients in the real-world setting, significantly impacting treatment decisions to improve care,” said Wong.

SAP HANA is proof that the technology to analyze billions and billions of data sets exists. It’s now a matter of breaking conflicting interests and coming together to work for the good of society, aiming to cure diseases like cancer, diabetes, neurological diseases, cardiovascular, aging, autoimmune diseases, rare or orphan cancers, and other orphan diseases.

Tune into our WebEx session on-demand to hear from Jennifer Wong, Chief of Strategic Alliances for CancerLinq, and Enakshi Singh, SAP Connected Health’s Senior Product Specialist, as they further explore the Oxford Economics Study findings.

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