C.A.R.E. and Leveraging the Power of Why

Emily Mui

Posted by Emily Mui on March 22, 2017

Sr. Director, SAP Cloud Platform Product Marketing

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As a marketer, I’ve often heard comments like “You sound like you’re in marketing” made with a disparaging undertone. The implication is that anything that comes out of a marketer’s consciousness— verbally, written or heard—must be about sales and promotions and can therefore be dismissed as lacking any depth or substance.  Luckily, I have the opportunity to set the record straight and create content that is compelling, educational, authentic, and relevant. And more than anything else, my goal is to create content that my audience would care to learn about.

Hence, with the support of my social team, we set out to create the SAP Cloud Platform C.A.R.E. video series. The goal of these interview-style videos is to introduce topics, customers, partners and demos that are cloud related, authentic in our discussions, relevant for the audience watching, and educational (…C.A.R.E.).

The format of these videos is simple and they’re based on a few basic tenets:

  • They are casual in nature and conversational, not scripted. Hence, you won’t see interviewees that looked like deer caught in the headlights— petrified under big bright lights.
  • Scenariobased: The interviewees are specific about how SAP Cloud Platform is used so viewers can relate and be inspired to see how the product can be used in their own landscape.
  • Power of Why, or asking why from multiple angles: Why did you choose SAP Cloud platform? Why is this important for your stakeholders? Why is this important for your industry? We emphasis the Power of Why because getting to the why provides a deeper understanding of the use case and business challenges that businesses and institutions like yours face on a daily basis.

These videos were done at Mobile World Congress last month when we announced the rebranding of what is now known as SAP Cloud Platform. They were shot to share insights into the power of SAP Cloud Platform and how and why our customers and partners are using it today.

Introduction to SAP Cloud Platform C.A.R.E.

SAP Cloud Platform rebranding news

Customer Interviews:

MAPAL – a precision machine tool manufacturer goes digital and transforms their entire supply chain

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) – goes mobile with an iOS app to ease enrollment and scheduling challenges (link not ready yet)

Vestas – a global wind energy company is moving their paper intensive planning and design process onto Apple devices using SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS.

Partner Interviews:

Kore – Bots are coming and are powered by SAP Cloud Platform!

Innovapptive –  an SAP partner pioneers building next gen mobile apps with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

Product demos:

Connected Stadium

Connected Vehicle

Learn more about SAP Cloud Platform here. If you have any suggestions for interviews, feel free to send them to Emily.mui@sap.com

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