44052 Improve Data Insight with SAP HANA Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

Richard Pledereder

Posted by Richard Pledereder on May 10, 2017

SVP – SAP HANA & Database

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Discover how you can use machine learning and advanced analytics in SAP HANA 2 to create innovative applications. In this blog I’d like to briefly overview for you what’s happening around SAP HANA and machine learning at SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 this year and specifically invite you to join me for the talk and demo Improve Data Insight with In-Memory Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics on Tuesday May 16th.

SAP HANA provides native in-memory machine learning capabilities for predictive analytics, text mining, optimization and time series forecasting executing at unprecedented speed, directly inside the database and in combination with other advanced analytical processing capabilities like spatial or graph analysis in a multi-modal fashion. The SAP HANA predictive analytics library (PAL) includes over 90 algorithms for machine learning scenarios like cluster analysis, outlier detection, classification and regression analysis, association analysis, link prediction and recommendation analysis designed and optimized for massively parallel in-memory processing.

The extensibility options in SAP HANA to integrate external machine learning frameworks like R, SAS are now being enriched by a Google Tensorflow integration, which will allow organizations to build even smarter SAP HANA applications, for example by leveraging Tensorflow’s deep learning capabilities for image classification.

Come and join us for this session where we will demonstrate such an innovative SAP HANA application around a product recommendation scenario in a lab preview!

Furthermore, we are delighted to present our SAP HANA Innovation Award winners on stage who have been leveraging the latest advancements in SAP HANA to build and run even smarter applications.

Here are my recommended SAP HANA and machine learning sessions at SAPPHIRE NOW this year:

Day 1 – Monday

Day 2 – Tuesday

Day 3 Wednesday

Finally, I’d like to invite you to meet our experts in person, please visit us at our demo stations (DP525 and DP526). Explore the new capabilities available for database management, advanced analytics processing, data access and integration, administration, and deployment in SAP HANA 2. And learn how to exploit business, text, and spatial and graph data, as well as predictive and machine-learning algorithms to deliver unprecedented insights.

Can’t wait to see you all in Orlando!


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