Pardon the HANA Disruption

Greg McStravick

Posted by Greg McStravick on August 31, 2017

President, SAP Database And Data Management

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For businesses in times of revolution, it’s not enough to make incremental improvements. You have to disrupt and regenerate. Think of Blockbuster Video increasing its in-store inventory of DVDs while competitor Netflix invested in streaming options to watch from home. One was an improvement, the other was a disruption. Netflix changed their whole business model and they are tremendously successful a decade later, while Blockbuster shuttered operations long ago.

Netflix disrupted the video industry. Here are some other disruptors:

These aren’t incremental, steady updates. These are major disruptions to operations and customer relations, and have the potential to edge out competitors and drive long-lasting, meaningful success.

What do these disruptions have in common? SAP HANA. Each of these companies realized these improvements by running SAP HANA, our database platform. And while we’re always innovating at SAP, it’s important to remember this platform from which many of our latest innovations have developed. That’s why we’re showcasing customer testimonials, product deep dives, solution briefs and more with the tag #HANADisrupt. Follow #HANADisrupt on Twitter or Facebook for regular updates and new content that shows just how disruptive and irresistible SAP HANA is.

It’s loud, it’s intense, and it’s disruptive. And that’s how it should be.

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