From November 7th to the 9th SAP participated in the ASUG EIM 2017 conference in Schaumburg, Illinois for a spectacular data driven experience. With over 20 different sessions, 4 keynote speakers and over 300 attendee’s there was much to see at ASUG EIM this year.

Maria Villar Feature Keynote: The changing Role of the Chief Data Officer



The role of the Chief Data Officer is changing from inward to outward. While governance, compliance and control are still important, the CDO agenda is evolving to be more strategic, transformative and innovative. Data and analytics are critical elements of innovation and digital transformation and CDOs are being asked to deal with new business topics such as open data, data monetization and digital ethics. In this session, learn tips and best practices for successfully navigating this change.


During Maria’s keynote early morning on November 8th, we had over 200 attendees’ come hear what it really means to have an evolving and ever changing Chief Data Officer in your business. With Data and Analytics constantly surfacing with new prerequisites and functions it was no question; Maria’s keynote was a wealth of knowledge.


If you missed Maria’s keynote head on over to the link on the right for an exclusive 1:1 overview video of what “The Changing Role of the Chief Data Officer” really means to your business.


Deep Dive in SAP Master Data Governance


Following Maria’s Keynote, we had an inside look into SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) with two of our experts from SAP Product Management and Development. This session carried over 45 attendees, and an eager to learn crowd on how this can streamline their digital business. SAP MDG supports central master data ownership and distribution, decentralization ownership and consolidation. During this session, we covered what the current capabilities are of MDG including process analytics, mass processing and data quality remediation.


You can find out more about MDG here! Missed the session? No worries, our Product Managers created a small overview video for you found below!


SAP Data Services and SAP Information Steward to Cleanse and Enhance Geographic Data


Moving to our next session, we were led by our two other Product Mangers that were on-site covering SAP Data Services and SAP Information Steward. This session used these two services to showcase how these tools can enhance your geographical data. Following the simple and smart capabilities that these two powerful tools have. This ultimately creates the connection between Data Steward and ETL developers to quickly start to develop data quality initiatives. These initiatives eventually led to the growth and demo of SAP’s newly released, “SAP Data Hub”. With the Data Hub we could see data being moved around to show case the strong geographic data being analyzed and instantly reported back to the user.


For more information on SAP Data Services or SAP Information Steward please visit here. Find below, a quick demo of the SAP Data Hub using these tools.


How SAP Can Help You Achieve Regulatory Compliance


Finally, we closed the conference with an expert session on GDPR (General Data Privacy Regulation). As you may know, strict new data-related regulations for companies doing business in the European Union will be in full effect in May 2018. This session showcased how SAP Solutions can enable your organization to meet the challenge of increasing global data regulation and ensuring regulatory compliance to better benefit your company’s processes.


For more information on SAP Enterprise Information Management solutions visit our site here.

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