SAP HANA Recognized as a Leader in New Forrester Wave Report

Greg McStravick

Posted by Greg McStravick on November 29, 2017

President, SAP Database And Data Management

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Breaking fresh ground and pushing the boundaries for business software is part of SAP’s DNA. With SAP HANA, businesses are leveraging innovation that puts their data to work in ways that have never been done before.

Forrester has identified SAP as a leader in its first ever report on translytical data platforms,  The Forrester Wave™: Translytical Data Platform, Q4 2017. The emerging translytical data platform market is growing, according to the report, because “…more enterprise architecture pros see translytical as critical for their enterprise strategy.”

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In describing SAP, the report notes:

SAP crushes translytical workloads. SAP HANA is a shared-nothing, in-memory data platform, the core of SAP’s translytical platform, which supports many use cases, including real-time applications, analytics, translytical apps, systems of insight, and advanced analytics. Enterprises use the platform for in-memory data marts, SAP Business Warehouse, and applications like SAP S/4HANA, and SAP Business Suite. SAP Vora extends the translytical platform by supporting the Apache Spark execution framework to deliver enriched interactive analytics on Hadoop.

SAP received 5/5 scores in 18 of the report’s evaluation criteria:

    1. Architecture
    2. Data management
    3. Data types
    4. Development tools
    5. Data modeling
    6. Transactions
    7. Analytical queries
    8. Advanced analytics
    9. Streaming
    10. Data Security
    11. Performance features
    12. Ability to execute
    13. Roadmap
    14. Implementation support
    15. Product revenue
    16. Install base
    17. Market awareness
    18. Partnerships

Forrester describes translytical data platform as having the capabilities to “support many types of use cases, including real-time insights, machine learning, streaming analytics, and extreme transactional processing. The sweet spot is the ability to perform all of these workloads within a single database.”

For real-time apps, translytical data platforms support stock trading, fraud detection, counterterrorism, patient health monitoring, machine analysis, and earthquake monitoring. Similarly, the platforms support asset monitoring for the Internet of Things that keeps sophisticated machinery up and running. These

platforms also connect business data apps, enabling them to share data in real time to ensure consistency and accuracy across the enterprise. (You can read about how SAP customer Convergent is relying SAP HANA to provide a single source of truth for its business and how Vectus Industries Limited has combined its business apps to help it expand into new markets.)  One more exciting area for these platforms is machine learning, which enables ongoing training and retraining of analytical models to make more precise predictions about customers, business processes, and operations.

The SAP team is excited to be recognized as a leader in this new category of database platforms that we expect will be indispensable for businesses in the digital economy.

You can download the Forrester Wave report and read the analysis here . This SAP Newsbyte provides more details. To stay on top of what’s happening with SAP follow me @McStravickGreg.


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