Imagine That! Stories from SAP TechEd on how SAP HANA Opens the Door to Innovation

Most companies are looking for ways to innovate these days, but they might not know that SAP HANA can be the key to their business transformation.

The recent SAP TechEd event was a great opportunity for some SAP partners to showcase the variety of ways SAP HANA makes business innovation possible. We spoke with several SAP partners at the TechEd event and you might be surprised by some of the ways these partners are using SAP HANA to their advantage.

Biggest benefits of SAP HANA

Some of the leading advantages of SAP HANA mentioned by partners at SAP TechEd include:

  1. Real-time reporting
  2. Predictive analytics
  3. Powerful and reliable performance
  4. Application continuity
  5. Low initial investment
  6. Opportunity for technology enhancement

Unexpected benefits: The value of real-time reporting and predictive analytics

SAP partner Cisco initially tried SAP HANA to access large amounts of data, but Cisco leaders quickly realized that the platform could be used for immediate real-time reporting, and as a springboard into predictive analytics. Predictive analytics can provide valuable insight for multiple decisions, and SAP HANA helps Cisco keep up with every request. As a result, Cisco has gone from spending 80% of the time gathering and manipulating data from multiple sources, to being able to focus 80% of the time on analyzing the data and the resulting business insights.  Watch the TechEd video with Cisco’s Ted Tsortos for more details.

Powerful, reliable performance for application continuity

Applications need to work whenever you need them. That’s why SAP partner HPE says SAP HANA is quickly becoming a business-critical solution. HPE has four critical success factors for application continuity:

  1. Persistency with persistent storage
  2. High availability and performance reliability
  3. Data protection, backup, and restore functionality
  4. Disaster recovery capabilities

SAP HANA is a highly reliable, powerful platform, which is a perfect fit for HPE’s vital need for  application continuity. For more details on this, watch the TechEd interview with HPE’s Brian Ng.

Low initial investment with the cloud

SAP partner Microsoft says the public cloud provides an opportunity for customers to ‘kick the tires’ of SAP HANA if they’re not prepared for a large investment. The public cloud is a great opportunity for customers to become more comfortable with the capabilities of SAP HANA, and once they see the vast benefits of the platform, they can accelerate their full adoption of SAP HANA. See what Microsoft’s Todd Kemmerly had to say about SAP HANA at TechEd.

 Opportunities abound for technology enhancement

SAP HANA is a big, broad platform with loads of capabilities that cover multiple areas, so the opportunities for partners to exploit and enhance technology are broad. Dell/EMC and Lenovo are just two of several SAP partners taking advantage of these opportunities, and their varied endeavors highlight the breadth of SAP HANA’s capabilities.

Connected healthcare

Dell/EMC is working with SAP on a smart connected healthcare solution. With SAP HANA, the system can access a person’s medical history from a central database, which creates a practical solution for multiple hospitals, health care providers, and patients. Dell/EMC is advancing the healthcare system, and it’s technology like SAP HANA that allows it to happen. Find out more in the TechEd interview with Jim Franklin from Dell/EMC.

Crime scene analytics

In another diverse application, SAP partner Lenovo is using SAP HANA for a crime analytics solution. The intriguing Lenovo application featured at TechEd was able to show the level of crime happening in a sample U.S. city. Lenovo takes big data from crimes and integrates it with enterprise data in SAP HANA to form real time analytics based on the information in both data sets. For more details, watch the TechEd interview with Lenovo’s Taggart Robertson.

Endless possibilities for modern businesses

SAP HANA is a single in-memory data platform that can provide today’s digital businesses with unbeatable real-time actions, analytics, and insight.  The variety of ways that SAP HANA can help with your business innovation is limited only by your imagination and your willingness to explore new opportunities. How can SAP HANA help you realize your business goals?

Learn more about the potential of SAP HANA for your business.

Discover more about how Cisco, HPE, Microsoft, Dell/EMC, and Lenovo are using SAP HANA.

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