SAP HANA + Intel Xeon Scalable Processors = a Winning Combination

Earlier this year, Intel introduced its new Intel Xeon Scalable platform, which it describes as the “biggest data center advancement in a decade.” And it’s no coincidence that the first software performance improvement Intel chose to highlight – months before the platform even launched – was an SAP HANA workload. At the SAP SAPPHIRE NOW conference in May 2017, Intel showed up to 1.59x1 higher performance running in-memory SAP HANA workloads on Intel Xeon Scalable processors over the previous generation of Intel Xeon E7 v4 processors.

SAP HANA plus the Intel Xeon Scalable platform is the ideal solution for big-data, in-memory workloads. The new processors offer up to 50 percent more memory support for online analytical processing (OLAP) and online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads on the SAP HANA platform compared to the Intel Xeon processor E7 v4 family. It also offers 6x2 more system memory and more flexible configurations to better meet requirements for high-capacity, massive streaming workloads as compared to the Intel Xeon processor E5 v2 family that many organizations currently use. The added memory support is made

possible with systems that support up to eight sockets and up to 1.5 TB memory capacity per socket, for a total of up to 12 TB in an eight-socket configuration.

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With more than 18,000 customers, the power of SAP HANA running on Intel Xeon platforms are helping companies transition to the digital enterprise using business-critical applications. Today’s digital economy is generating massive amounts of data and organizations that can pull insights from this data can bring truly game-changing innovations to market.   SAP HANA provides a data foundation for trusted, connected, and intelligent data solutions.  Intel’s innovations continue to advance the ability for SAP HANA to provide customers with massive performance increases for mixed workloads (OLTP/OLAP), machine learning, compression/cryptography, streaming and advanced analytics.  Digital transformation is rooted in technology innovation based on SAP HANA and the Intel Scalable platform.

To learn more about upgrading to SAP HANA and Intel Xeon Scalable processors, check out this solution brief from Intel, and read more at the following links about SAP HANASAP benchmark results and Intel Xeon Scalable processors.


Intel estimate, Intel Xeon processor Scalable family series as compared to a representative Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v4 system. Results are based on internal testing and are provided for informational purposes. Any differences in your system hardware, software or configuration may affect your actual performance.

2 Up to 6x greater system memory supported vs. available solutions from four years ago (representing the currently installed data-center base). SAP has certified its SAP HANA® platform for OLAP workloads to support up to 3 TB of memory per system for Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors for a 4-socket configuration (or 6 TB for an 8-socket configuration). Systems available four years ago (representing the typical data center installed base infrastructure) could only support 0.5 TB (or 1 TB in an 8-socket configuration), respectively. For comparative purposes, SAP certifies support for up to 2 TB of memory for the Intel Xeon processor E7 v4 family in a 4-socket configuration, so Intel Xeon Scalable processor-based systems are certified to support up to 50 percent greater system memory than the generation they replace.

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