Best demos to check out at the Gartner Data and Analytics Conference



Best demos to check out at the Gartner Data and Analytics Conference

It’s only 2 weeks away, the Gartner Data and Analytics Conference in Grapevine!  Hopefully by now you have your pass and you’re staying at the Gaylord or some near-by hotel.  For those who are not Texans, we consider near-by within a 20-minute drive – so you may need to rent a car or a pick-up truck.

Now that you are starting to think about your agenda, there are so many good sessions with analysts, be sure to also see how the data and analytics concepts discussed work in action – be sure to check out some demos going on!

Here are some demos from SAP you won’t want to miss:

  1. Digital Boardroom demo:    This will be front and center at the SAP booth on a 70” touch screen.  This demo focuses on improving boardroom decisions with real-time actionable insights.  Equip C-level executives with real-time contextual information and ad hoc analysis. Built on SAP Analytics Cloud, this next-generation board portal leverages line-of-business data from SAP S/4HANA and other applications to provide a single source of truth for the company.
  2. SAP HANA risk prediction demo: Next to the digital board room, this demo, also on a 70″ touch screen, this demo demonstrates that while we cannot control forces of nature, we can better understand  them in order to avoid human tragedy.  This is done by applying the power of machine learning, SAP HANA, and earth observation data.  This combination allows you to predict likelihood of landslides and take action to manage the consequences.
  3. Enterprise Information management:  Analytics demos include data ready for insight at action.   The enterprise information management demos answers questions like: where did the data come from, how do you know you can trust it, how well is the data governed.   The demo booth features demos that end-users can use to begin to analyze and prepare the data and move on to tools for data stewards who need to ensure the data is trusted and governed.
  4. SAP HANA: Whether the data for analytics is ingested into a single repository, or spread across data lakes, Hadoop, or other repositories, demos about SAP HANA will show the data foundation, the power of the SAP HANA, and how SAP HANA drives innovation and digital transformation.
  5. Leonardo and Predictive Analytics: Now that you’ve got the data, it’s time to see business process innovation, design thinking, and business disruption.  The Leonardo and predictive analytics demos focus on the art-of-the-possible, how you can innovate using your data to be a disruptor in your industry.
  6. Analytics: When it is time to visualize the insights that SAP HANA with enterprise information management have provided, the analytics demos will show innovative ways to visualize information and data to enable insight and action.

Once you’ve seen all the great demos, be sure to talk with SAP customers who are deriving value and transforming their business.    You can meet with SAP customers on Tuesday, March 6 at 10:45 AM.  The session is called: SAP Customer Panel: Successes using SAP for Digital TransformationCardinal Health, Maxim Integrated, and Parkland Health and Hospital System will provide an interesting panel discussion on best practices and lessons learned on connecting data and analytics to business outcomes.

In addition to the SAP customer panel, on Wednesday, Mar 7 at 3:45 SAP will host a vendor round table session called Instant Insight: Digital Transformation at the Speed of Thought.  This session will be a conversation with you and SAP leaders on key SAP capabilities and the unique business value delivered.

I hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to meet with SAP leaders 1:1. Perhaps you are an existing SAP customer with questions on how to use design thinking to start your digital transformation journey.  Perhaps you have questions on how to maximize SAP’s built-in native analytical engines, including spatial processing, graph processing, text analysis, search and mining, machine learning, streaming, and series data storage and processing.

If you are not an SAP customer, this is an excellent time for us to get to know each other.  Meeting with us will give us an opportunity to learn about your business challenges and digital transformation requirements.   Meeting with us will give you an opportunity to learn about who we are, our deep industry and business expertise that can help you run and transform your business.   You can sign up now for 1:1 session with SAP while you are at the event.  You can also sign up at the event at the SAP booth on the show floor.

Oh yes, giveaways – there will be an opportunity to take home some free items.  I think I heard the word Tumi recently!  Come see what fun items we have for you at the SAP booth!

I sincerely hope to see you there.  I will show the SAP HANA risk prediction demo and be at the enterprise information booth.  Please say ‘howdy’ and let me know we met via this blog!


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