Tell us about your SAP HANA innovation and get appreciation credits redeemable for SAPPHIRE

Digital transformation has become an imperative for all businesses.  Many of our customers are actively harnessing the power of data and developing new applications to capitalize on fast changing market dynamics enchained by shifts in customer behavior, market demand, and regulatory laws.

To capture and understand better these transformational use cases, SAP has partnered IDC, the famous technology marketing research firm, on an anonymous customer survey of organizations that have developed innovative SAP HANA-powered custom applications.  We hope the results of this research will uncover trends in customer preferences and approaches to innovation that can help all our customers accelerate their innovation journey.

We encourage all individuals that have been involved in custom built SAP HANA applications to participating including primary decision makers, project team members, project influencers, and users to participate – it only takes 15 minutes to complete this online survey. By filling this survey, eligible customers will be rewarded with SAP customer appreciation credits that can be used to redeem for SAPPHIRE NOW passes, training, etc.  As mentioned before, the survey is anonymous, and the result of this research will be info-graphic.  Your name and your company name will not be disclosed. Survey results will be shared publicly.


SAP HANA platform is used by more than 23,000 companies to brings significant values to the business, such as increasing data processing speed, lowering system management effort/cost, and delivering deep, granular insights more effectively.

Many of our customers start their innovation journey by implementing SAP applications on SAP HANA, but some are also building innovative applications on it to quickly cater to the new business needs.  Collectively, all these businesses experience faster business operations, better customer experience, lower costs, or improve time-to-market for their applications.  Fundamentally, leveraging SAP HANA brings about a positive change in processes, people engagement, and competency models.

Take the example of ARI, the world’s largest privately-held fleet management company. They recognized that effective innovation needs managers and IT teams to work together to clarify business requirements, build creative ideas, and march towards continuous improvement. As John Bunoza from ARI shared his journey in SAPPHIRE/ASUG session, ARI implemented a self-service web application using SAP HANA Business Rule Framework that allow business users to get the dynamic report without involving IT team.  They started their innovation process using the express edition of SAP HANA, the free SAP HANA edition with 32GB memory use limitation.  With empowered business users, the time required to generate a new report is much shorter and two of the developers previously assigned to the task could be moved to new projects to accelerate innovation. Check out this video to learn more about ARI’s transformation.

Another example is one of the SAP Innovation Award winner, HarrisLogic, who built new solution to improve mental healthcare – specifically suicide prevention, crisis response, and recidivism.  Their new innovation wants to leverage the decades of clinical expertise and client records to develop data driven clinical support tools, and accurately make predictions on which clients were at risk for readmission and recidivism.  And they used SAP Business Objects and predictive analytics in SAP HANA to support fast, live, and accurate decision making in behavioral health settings.  This solution leverages the in-memory computing power to run advanced analytics inside SAP HANA data platform without moving the huge amount history data.

As we can see from these examples, Enterprises will deliver custom applications to stay ahead in competition in the digital world by lowering operational costs, enhancing customer experience, and increasing the speed-to-market.

Survey Introduction: 

Please help us uncover more about your innovation journey on SAP HANA by participate in this IDC survey.

This survey is a global research study about use cases for enterprise deployments of SAP HANA including innovations in new (customer-built) applications.  The purpose of the research is to uncover new and innovative use cases, criteria for choosing HANA, project level insights (people, application overview, timeline for development, maintenance schedule), HANA services being used (Graph, Spatial, real-time streaming), and deployment approaches taken (cloud/on-premises/hybrid, programming languages, data sources).

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