The Super Powers of SAP HANA

Faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than a locomotive, and able to transform organizations in a single bound! We introduce to you the all new super-powered HANA HERO 💥

We revolutionized the database market with the introduction of SAP HANA, and while competitors are catching up, we are changing the rules of the game with key innovations to address new use cases that were not possible before. To learn more about the super powers of HANA and how these key innovations can be essential for transforming your organization into a best-run business, keep reading below 👇🏻

  1. All in One Platform
  2. Data Security
  3. Geo-Spatial
  4. Multi-Cloud
  5. Machine Learning

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The Super Powers of SAP HANA

💠 All in One Platform

Discover the super powers of SAP HANA. With everything you need in one platform, SAP HANA is the only business data platform for the intelligent enterprise.

With HANA’s completely re-thought architecture, we brought the worlds of OLTP + OLAP together and invented the capability of hybrid transaction analytical processing for all databases. Learn more.

🔒Data Security

With great power, comes great responsibility. Get the most comprehensive data security with SAP HANA. 

Data is more valuable than ever before. With SAP HANA, we have the most advanced data security and privacy protection in the industry to protect your business.

🌎 Geo-Spatial

Need location-aware data to rescue your customers from the clutches of evil? Active LIVE with SAP HANA Spatial intelligence and save the day. Location-aware data is becoming an imperative to every business process in digital business. However, harnessing location-based insights continues to be challenges based on fundamental data processing hurdles. With the ability to harmonize all types of spatial data on one platform.

☁  Multi-Cloud

Break cloud boundaries, it’s that easy. Join us on the only hybrid and multi-cloud data platform. There’s no need to maintain different versions of your application for different environments, and it’s fully compatible with self-deployed HANA systems.

🧠 Machine Learning

Gear up, its time to save the world! SAP HANA allows developers & data scientists to move away from batch machine learning and embrace real-time machine learning on data that has complete context, delivering the quickest way to bring any machine learning to business processes.

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