Develop SAP HANA Applications Faster with Google Cloud Platform

Next week at Google Next 2018 we have tons of exciting SAP innovations to showcase with Google Cloud Platform.  But here I wanted to highlight some of the ways you can accelerate your SAP HANA innovations with Google technologies.

Earlier this year SAP released the latest version of SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA service, which lets Google developers build analytic applications on transactional data starting as small as 32GB and scaling in 16GB increments.  Single Node installations of up to 4TB are available in GCP.

The SAP HANA Service provides all the functionality of on-premises SAP HANA including in-memory analytics on transactional data, multi-modal data processing (e.g. predictive, graph, spatial), and the ability to virtually connect to any data source—SAP or otherwise.

And SAP HANA service runs natively in Google Cloud Platform—so you can leverage services from SAP Cloud Platform and Google.

(A slide shared at SAPPHIRE NOW on the ways SAP HANA can benefit from GCP)

From the slide above we shared at SAPPHIRE NOW you’ll see some of the GCP services we can leverage. Monitor your application with Google Stack Driver, Scale with Google Compute Engine, integrate with TensorFlow and Google Big Query via Smart Data Access…the list goes on!

Babu Prasad Elumalai, Technical Lead, SAP on GCP wrote a fantastic blog summarizing the services in GCP that can accelerate your SAP HANA innovation in more detail. So rather than detail them here I encourage you to check them out.

At Google Next we will be demonstrating BigQuery and SAP HANA Predictive integration and have a hands-on session to deploy SAP HANA, express edition on Google Kubernetes Engine + Geospatial Query.

We will also have a bootcamp on Integrating SAP HANA with Google Cloud Platform Monday, July 23 from 9-6.

Not attending Google Next? Check out for more tutorials and then deploy SAP HANA, express edition in Google Launcher or try the SAP HANA service. And if you’d like hands-on time with SAP and Google experts, consider emailing to request a Code Jam.


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