Get out the heat and join us at the SAP Data Summit in La Crosse, WI August 14-15! I’m in Texas and it has been HOT, really HOT!

So, I am super excited to take my first trip to La Crosse in August – the temperature will –  for sure – be better than the Texas heat, and with so many data experts in La Crosse, it’s a great time to meet with SAP product management and development teams.

La Crosse is home to a large segment of the product development and customer support teams for SAP’s data management solutions for 30+ years and still serves as a key product development hub at SAP.  The Midwest feel makes this event more personal and unique.  It is hosted by SAP and Intel.   When you come, you will have time to connect with SAP data management experts to network, deep dive into the latest data technology, and take a closer look at SAP’s strategic direction.

The agenda will be a good mix of SAP HANA Data Management Suite topics:  SAP Data Hub, SAP HANA, and enterprise information management topics such as SAP Information Steward and SAP Master Data Governance.   If you haven’t seen or touched SAP HANA Data Management Suite yet, then you will want to check out the hands-on activities for SAP HANA Spatial, SAP Data Hub, and SAP HANA Express.

After spending all day learning, talking, sharing, brain-storming, we get to hang out with the queen of cakes, Jen Barney.  I must admit, I love cake!!  I always watch the Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship.   Last year Jen Barney won with this amazing Gingerbread Eggnog Christmas Cake!   

Lucky us, Jen is in La Crosse and she will be joining us at a Data Chef dinner event at the end of Day 1.

Cool weather, wonderful cake, great networking, and getting the latest on SAP data topics, what’s not to love about this event!

I have booked my flight, including a Mississippi boat tour for the day after the event, and I hope to see you there to talk data with SAP!

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