The Journey to a Real-Time Digital Enterprise For Information Excellence


Running an enterprise can be a challenge especially in today’s data driven world. Everything from Data flowing into your company, being used, overlooked or even forgotten can get out of control faster than you can believe. In fact, in a single minute – every minute of each day – over 600TB of global IP data is transferred, more than 200 million emails are sent, over 1 million YouTube videos are uploaded, and more than 47,000 applications are downloaded. Let’s hear that one more time…


“In 1Min. 600TB of Global IP Data,  200M emails, 1M+ YouTube videos, and 47K+ apps downloaded”


Now, one would ask, how am I supposed to manage, control and be RESPONSIBLE for all this data!🤯Data gets so uncontrollable so uncontrollably fast it’s as if it was at a blink of an eye! Not to worry, you’re not alone.

You and everyone else that works in the nifty, Database and Data Management space has the same issues. In fact, I’ll be covering some of these common issues if you’re in the Chicago area from Oct. 23-25 with my friends over at Lockheed Martin at the annual ASUG EIM conference! 🤩

This is a perfect conference to compliment what you’ll learn from this webinar. Lockheed Martin’s enterprise data model secures data integrity in their line of business using SAP tools like SAP Data Services and SAP HANA to ensure proper data governance in their digital landscape.

As a breakdown, take a look at this wheel of data life below. This breaks things down to a visual that’s easy to follow. As you can see, there’s the beginning and the retiring. You’ll always need your data together with rules controlling the retired lifecycle of the data.



There are various ways to achieve Information Excellence and there is no “right” way to do it per say. This all depends on how your business is setup and the direction your business is moving towards. What I do recommend is in one-way shape or form you cover the integrity of your data (Data Prep Webinar Happening Sept. 19th), your policies and compliance is met, data management and stewardships is implemented in your ecosystem and finally you have a plan to compliantly retire the lifecycle of your data.


In this Webinar from our “Let’s Talk Data” series you’ll learn everything mentioned above as well as these key points below:


  • What is a digital enterprise?  What is information excellence?
  • Exploring the importance of quality and governed information in the digital age
  • Delivering practical advice to help lead your organization in its digital journey


Honest advice is what we are here to deliver to you. Register to receive full access to our webinar and please leave comments below if you have any questions! 😎 Finally, as mentioned above, join us on Sept. 19th for a Data Preparation Webinar!

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