Extend and Reuse Your EIM and HANA with SAP Data Hub

Join us at the ASUG Pre-Conference Seminar at TechEd!

Have you heard all the wonderful buzz around SAP Data Hub? Do you know what SAP Data Hub can do for you? Would you like to have a solution that is highly integrated between your different technologies? “YES!”, you say. Come join us for our ASUG Pre-Conference Seminar at TechEd, Monday, October 1st, 2018, “Extend and Reuse Your Existing EIM and SAP HANA Assets with SAP Data Hub”, where you will hear about how SAP Data Hub provides a new way to globally discover, integrate, manage, orchestrate, and govern data. You will also here how you integrate existing deployments and assets with it without having to reimplementing.

What is SAP Data Hub

What is the SAP Data Hub? SAP Data Hub establishes a new category of software solution, providing a comprehensive answer to an emerging and painful challenge for enterprise customers: integrating data and establishing data-driven processes across an increasingly diverse data landscape. The solution addresses data integration, data orchestration, and data governance capabilities across a complex landscape, as well as harnesses big data processing to create uniquely powerful data pipelines that are based on the server-less computing paradigm. Data and processes can be managed, shared, and distributed across the enterprise with seamless, unified, and enterprise-ready monitoring and landscape management capabilities.

Who Will I Meet and What Will I Learn

A few of the great takeaways and advantages you will get by attending our #ASUG #SAPTechEd pre-conference seminar is that you will be able to meet with SAP Product Management and developers – technical experts – first hand. The second awesome takeaway from this pre-conference seminar is that you will leave with an understanding of how EIM products (SAP Data Services; SAP Landscape Transformation; SAP Agile Data Preparation; SAP HANA smart data integration; SAP HANA smart data quality; SAP Data Quality Management, microservices for location data; SAP Information Steward; and so on) can integrate and be combined with SAP Data Hub.  Third, attending our pre-conference session prior to the start of #SAPTechEd will allow you to gain knowledge about integrating data marts and data warehouses (SAP BW, data warehouses on SAP HANA, third-party EDW, SAP Analytics Cloud, and so on) with SAP Data Hub pipelines.  Don’t forget that by attending our session prior to the start of #SAPTechEd gives you a head start and understanding for attending all the @SAPBigData and @SAPInMemory sessions. These are just a few of the advantages and fun you will have by attending ASUG’s Pre-Conference session: “Extend and Reuse Your Existing EIM and SAP HANA Assets with SAP Data Hub”

Digital transformation is driving the need for information excellence and high agility of information delivery. Key trends that are impacting our businesses and technologies:

  • Accelerating Data Volume Growth – “22 Billion IoT Devices by 2018”1 and 4,300% increase in annual data production by 20202
  • Changing Business Models – 10% of orgs will have a highly profitable business unit for productizing and commercializing their informational assess by 20203
  • Shrinking Response Times – 80% of new applications using IoT or machine data will analyze data in motion by 20194

Sign Me UP!

Be sure to register and join us for our ASUG TechEd Pre-Conference Seminar, in Las Vegas, on Monday, October 1st, 2018, “Extend and Reuse Your Existing EIM and SAP HANA Assets with SAP Data Hub”!! Where you will learn how to avoid creating new data siloes; reduce data and data processing redundancy; and prevent your data lake from becoming a data swamp. You will hear about and understand how you can

  • Reuse and integrating EIM data ingestion, data quality, and data governance solutions with SAP Data Hub
  • Connect SAP Data Hub with SAP HANA, EDWs, data marts, and data lakes
  • Integrate SAP Data Hub with SAP and custom applications

You will learn how to leverage your existing data stores (such as cloud data storage, SAP Business Warehouse, SAP HANA, and Hadoop) and EIM technologies with SAP Data Hub. SIMPLIFY – SAP Run Simple!


1IDC: “Worldwide IT Industry 2016 Predictions” Nov 2015

2Forbes: “Big Data Overload: Why Most Companies Can’t Deal With The Data Explosion”, Bernard Marr, April 2016

3Gartner, “Prepare to Monetize Data from Internet of Things” Sept 2016

4Gartner, 100 Data and Analytics Predictions through 2020, March 2016

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