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On October 23 – 25 SAP will be a Gold level sponsor at the ASUG EIM (Enterprise Information Management) conference hosted at the Loews Chicago O’Hare Hotel in downtown Chicago, IL.

The ASUG Experience was created, as stated by ASUG themselves, not for the C-suite, but for the front-line managers and their teams who are responsible for getting things done.  


October 24th | Day One at ASUG EIM

As you know, the schedule can be found here and the 23rd is for setup and the ASUG Evening Reception. 🎉I’ll be there at the reception so if you see me, please be sure to stop me and say hi! 👋🏼 Previously, I’ve been to this conference two times now, so this will be my third-year attending. The reception is a great way to kick off a great conference. Also, great to meet some for the speakers and keynote speakers!


For our first day, I’ve laid out all our sessions for you to pick and add to your schedules. I highly encourage visiting these sessions as some of these sessions have the product managers that you may have first-hand interaction with, build relationships with and influence next steps to product roadmap development. That being said, take a look below, let it sink in and I hope to see you at these sessions.


HIGHLIGHT: Be sure to visit our Data Chef 👩🏼‍🍳 session at 1:30PM Session EIM32. During this session our two chef’s will gather the ingredients and build the recipe for information excellence JUST FOR YOU! 

If you want more tasty recipes, our chefs will be at the SAP booth throughout the day on the table floors! They will be available for one on one sessions for those serious about baking up a data kitchen. 

Check out this cool video to learn more about the SAP Data Chef!

All conference times are in Chicago, IL Time Zone (CDT). 

How SAP Helps You Cope With the General Data Protection Regulation  (EIM27) 11:15PM to 12:00PM 10/24
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires technical measures to safeguard the personal data of European Union citizens. SAP Information Steward software and the SAP Information Lifecycle Management component, together with specific solutions for governance, risk, and compliance, help organizations streamline and manage the demands of GDPR. Learn more in this entirely new session from SAP. SAP Information Steward and SAP Information Life Cycle Management
The New Rules to Ensure Data Quality for Everyone  (EIM10) 11:15PM to 12:00PM 10/24
Data quality is everyone’s business. While SAP has long been a leading provider of data quality solutions, we have recently introduced several new and innovative solutions for making data-quality capabilities available to all knowledge workers. Come learn about these new solutions from SAP. SAP DQMm and SAP Data Quality
Ginger Gatling (SAP), 
Paul Medaille (SAP Labs)
Colgate-Palmolive’s Master Data Journey  (EIM26) 1:30PM to 2:15PM 10/24
Colgate has an active and mature EIM program, developed over several years and still expanding today. Learn about their journey – how, where & why they started; their progress through multiple domains of master data (Supplier, Fin, Material and Cust) the tools they used to help them get there. EIM Portfolio
Juergen Bold (SAP SE), 
Jian Ming Se (Colgate-Palmolive Co.) 
SAP’s strategy for Big Data and Enterprise Information Management (EIM)  (EIM35) 1:30PM to 2:15PM 10/24
Do you need to build and run agile data-driven processes to enable true Big Data applications? Do you need to manage Big Data at enterprise scale? Do you need to bring together enterprise data and Hadoop clusters for semistructured or unstructured data? In this session, you will learn about: • how SAP Data Hub can help you solve big data challenges • How to leverage your current investments in EIM tools with SAP Data Hub • Outlook of SAP EIM (DS, HANA EIM, IS, ADP) and SAP Data Hub EIM Portfolio
Lynne Lintelman (SAP), 
Lofan Leung (SAP)
The Right Recipe for Hungry Enterprises  (EIM32) 1:30PM to 2:15PM 10/24
Both chefs and enterprise architects have a desire to satisfy their customers by mixing ingredients in just the right way. Session attendees will learn how technical environments and people can be combined into the perfect data management recipes. Our “Data Chef” will share the best recipe for a strategic data management platform that will satisfy everyone.
Lisa Spagnolie (SAP), 
Scott Sleeper (SAP) 
ATB Financial: How To Use All Your Data to Find Customer Satisfaction Drivers  (EIM03) 3:00PM to 3:45PM 10/24
Data speaks for itself, if you listen. During a project with ATB Financial, the company used SAP Data Hub to merge corporate data with its data lake in Hadoop. Next, the project tapped machine learning techniques to find the most influential factors that drive ATB Financial’s customer satisfaction and then operationalize the new processes.
Puntis Palazzolo (SAP)
SAP Master Data Governance: Harness Data-Quality Management Capabilities to Ensure High-Quality Data  (EIM22) 3:00PM to 3:45PM 10/24
Having provided Central Governance and Consolidation for a long time, SAP MDG now also introduces the first set of capabilities for analyzing master data quality, and for the remediation of erroneous records. In addition, we will highlight further innovations of the 2018 MDG release. SAP Master Data Governance
Juergen Bold (SAP SE), 
Carsten Koehler (SAP SE)


October 25th | Day Two at ASUG EIM

The following day, we are kicked off with my friend Lofan Leung from SAP! She will be our Keynote Speaker from 8:30AM to 9:30AM on 10/25. Lofan has been with SAP for over 15 years and carries a master’s degree in Computer Science. During her keynote she will be covering SAP Data Hub use cases, features & architecture. Lofan has covered SAP DataHub since the early days of development so really knows her stuff on the product! 🤩


Later that day come see Lockheed Martin’s Joyce Reese and Carla Steppick and I present on what it means to maintain data integrity within a large enterprise. 🚀 We all know Data security is expensive, but how much money do you need to protect the data you carry for your customers? How do you maintain structural integrity and security of the data while, at the same time, run analytics and gain insights effectively? During this session hear us speak on how their enterprise data model fights and secures data integrity in their line of business.


Finally, below are the SAP sessions happening on the 25th. As mentioned earlier, these are prime sessions that will give you first hand interaction and networking opportunities from our front-line product managers. Road maps, product deep dives and customer transformation stories will all be covered! See you there. 😎


All conference times are in Chicago, IL Time Zone (CDT). 

KEYNOTE: SAP Data Hub Overview 8:30AM to 9:30AM 10/25
Learn SAP Data Hub’s use cases, features & architecture. Data Hub is a data-sharing & orchestration solution, allowing companies to increase & expand data flow across diverse landscapes. Data Hub provides access & governance; creates spanning data flows; delivers results with current processing. SAP Data Hub
Lofan Leung (SAP)
Can I Trust the Data in My Report? Find Out with SAP Information Steward  (EIM07) 9:45AM to 10:30AM 10/25
Learn how SAP Information Steward collects and organizes metadata from a variety of SAP and non-SAP sources. Learn how business users can trace lineage of data from report to source. Also, see the data quality score associated with that source and how the solution compliments data governance features. SAP Information Steward
Lynne Lintelman (SAP)
How to use Machine Learning techniques to improve your Enterprise Information Management Portfolio  (EIM25) 9:45AM to 10:30AM 10/25
In this session we will talk about different techniques that could be used to improve your EIM portfolio using machine learning algorithms and demonstrate how to implement this with SAP Data Hub pipeline engine. SAP Data Hub
Puntis Palazzolo (SAP)
How SAP Agile Data Preparation Creates Trustworthy Data  (EIM21) 11:15 to 12 Noon 10/25
SAP Agile Data Preparation is a self-service data-driven preparation tool that empowers business users to create trusted data. Learn about SAP Agile Data Preparation’s use cases, features, and architecture, and discover new capabilities with SAP Data Hub’s ability to interact with big data landscapes. SAP Agile Data Preparation
Gaetan Saulnier (SAP)
Lockheed Martin: Best Practices to Secure Data Integrity  (EIM31) 11:15 to 12 Noon 10/25
It’s no question that data integrity and the organization of data is vital to business success, regardless of what industry you are in. But where do you start? In this session we will have Lockheed Martin, a leader in aerospace and defense, speak on how their enterprise data model secures data integrity in their line of business using SAP tools. You will hear about how proper data governance; data cleansing and best practice approaches can foster trusted relationships with your data to help generate business value. SAP products include: SAP Data Services and SAP HANA. SAP HANA AND SAP DATA SERVICES
Joyce Reese (Lockheed Martin), 
Carla Steppick (Lockheed Martin), 
John Cadaris (SAP)


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Happy Data, Happy Business!

Thanks for reading!





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