SAP Delivered Advances in Data Governance, Connectivity, and Trust with Updates to Enterprise Information Management Portfolio

2018 was a busy year for updates to the SAP enterprise information management (EIM) portfolio. We released a lot of new and enhanced capabilities that make it easier for customers to navigate complex data landscapes by expanding data connectivity, cloud offerings and source support. SAP solutions for EIM deliver information excellence by helping customers to better understand, integrate, cleanse, associate, and manage data. Updates to SAP’s solutions deliver capabilities to power the entire data governance and data management cycle with ease and trust.

Data Governance and Enrichment

SAP Master Data Governance includes innovations across key disciplines.  Data consolidation, central governance, mass processing, process analytics and master data quality management were all updated. The updates help companies clean and manage master data enterprise-wide. Master data quality updates make it easier for customers to manage rules creation, conduct data quality analysis, and fix issues found. New master data and data enrichment services as part of SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite allow you to consume additional master data from providers, helping to eliminate risk of errors in manual data creation.

SAP’s newest cloud-based data cleansing and enrichment service is SAP Data Quality Management microservices for location data. The service plugs accurate and complete location data directly into any application. This helps eliminate returned mail and minimize packaging costs and compliance fines for incorrect addresses. When cleansing addresses, the highest cost is the licensing of the address directories from the postal authorities. SAP’s native cloud data quality microservice has licensed the directories for you. And a simple pay-as-you-go model means you only pay for the addresses you cleanse, not the entire directory.

Connectivity and Interoperability

Key SAP solutions for EIM now have expanded connectivity to SAP Data Hub, a next-generation data orchestration solution.  Updates include dedicated connections from any SAP Data Services data source to provision data for distributed processing. Enhanced connectivity between SAP Data Hub, SAP Agile Data Preparation and SAP Information Steward software gives business users access to data repositories to discover, access and run data transformations. SAP Information Steward also added Hadoop metadata integrator support for SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services, SAP’s fully managed big data cloud environment.

Data Ease and Trust

SAP solutions for EIM including SAP HANA smart data integration, SAP HANA smart data quality and SAP Agile Data Preparation can now ingest the advanced data protection capabilities in SAP HANA. SAP HANA smart data integration is now available as part of SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite. This provides a simpler way to extract, transform and load data from remote sources into SAP HANA. And an enhanced Hadoop integrator is provided, with support for Knox Gateway and Kerberos authentication protocol, that securely measures, monitors and cleanses data quality. Additionally, SAP Agile Data Preparation has added sophisticated machine learning capabilities to help users automate data management actions.

The SAP Enterprise Architecture (EA) Designer simplifies collaboration across the enterprise by creating a blueprint for transformation plans, driving more successful outcomes. It allows you to leverage a single, integrated environment to design, analyze, and share organizational strategies, requirements, processes, data, and IT landscapes. In 2018, we released SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer, cloud edition to give customers a subscription-based, pay-as-you-go option to customers. In addition, an in-depth OpenSAP course was launched, Introduction to SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer –

These innovations and enhancements are driven by our commitment to helping our customers gain maximum value from SAP EIM solutions. We recognize that strategic execution of EIM is the foundation to running a successful digital business. Look for more exciting advances to come in 2019.

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