Find Secrets of Outcome-Driven Data Strategy and Meet Data Chefs at #SAPPHIRENOW!

We’ve got all the hot trends at SAPPHIRE.

  • Experience management, check
  • Machine learning, check.
  • Internet of Things, check.
  • Robots, check.
  • Cirque de Soleil, check.
  • Beautiful, self-service analytics, check.
  • Cloud everywhere, check.


Here’s the thing. To really do any of these things, you need an enterprise data strategy. How on earth will you serve up all of that data at the right time? To the right people (and only the right people)? How will you blend, transform, and augment individual sets of data to answer these questions?

Of course, we have technology to help with that; however, the majority of the solution lies in the people, culture, and processes. What are best practices for empowering the workforce via data? How have other companies established policies that comply with regulations and are yet agile?

The possibilities are endless. Prioritizing possible solutions and programs requires a deep understanding of your business’s goals, and then a translation into an outcome-driven data strategy. Business outcomes, not data or IT outcomes. (Hint: Speed is not an outcome.)

Chief Data Officer and Chief Analytics Officer curated sessions

SAPPHIRENOW will have expert panels to get you started answering these questions. Check out this brochure that outlines all of the key activities for you. There are a few select spots remaining on the CDO + CAO Show floor tour. Email to sign up.

Your guides along this journey include people who do this work every day—they live this life.

Super experienced Data Chefs

A host of Data Chefs, each with 20+ years of experience, to help architect your environment to solve real problems. Your SAPPHIRE Data Chefs are Scott Sleeper, Mark Mumy, Jim Giffin, Tom Turchioe, Tina Rosario, Sue Waite

Follow the series of data recipes on YouTube or download the entire cookbook at We welcome you to meet the chefs and hear about their best practices and most common recipes.

Date & Time Session ID Title Location Data Chef
PE86627 Keep Employees Engaged with a Compelling Data Strategy People Engagement PE402 Tina Rosario
PL90769 Serve Customized, Expert-Guided Data Management (Workshop) Platform and Intelligent Technologies PL853 Mark Mumy
Sue Waite
Jim GiffinTom Turchioe
PL86926 Feed a Data-Hungry Organization in a Hurry (interactive session) Platform and Intelligent Technologies PL852 Mark Mumy
Jim Giffin
Ina Felsheim
PL86922 Make Critical Decisions in Real Time with Live Spatial Intelligence (demo) Platform and Intelligent Technologies PL801 Tom Turchioe
PL86596 Consider the Importance of a Data-Driven Experience for Your Business (Interactive session) Platform and Intelligent Technologies PL801 Tina Rosario

I hope to see you in a few days at SAPPHIRE NOW / ASUG Annual Conference. If you can’t make it to the event, interact with the chefs via Twitter, or follow the action on #SAPPHIRENOW.

  • Ina Felsheim: @inafelsheim
  • Scott Sleeper: @scottsleeper1
  • Tom Turchioe: @tidybowlman
  • Mark Mumy: @markdmumy
  • Sue Waite: @suehaywaite
  • Tina Rosario: @trosario33
  • Rouven Morato: @rouvenmorato
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