The Rise of Intelligent Data: Newtown Square and Amsterdam in June

Not sure if you made it to ASUG and SAPPHIRENOW this year or not, there was a lot of awesome entertainment, and the customer sessions were fantastic! I worked the SAP Data Hub / SAP Data Intelligence booth and we had a LOT of traffic and many questions around the hype of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and how to really operationalize it.

I remember one customer telling me that the data scientists are off in their own world, and the IT department extracts all types of data, delivers the data to the data scientists. Then the real problem occurs when they need to get the results back and incorporate the algorithms into production systems. The process is a nightmare and data latency hampers business benefits.

We also had lots of questions on the use of intelligent data.  From what we mean when we say intelligent data, to how it fits in with overall data strategy, to questions on the new solution, SAP Data Intelligence, announced at SAPPHIRENOW and how it fits in with SAP HANA and SAP Data Hub.

So, we’ve scheduled two “Rise of Intelligent Data” events to address these questions and to give you time to meet with product experts.  We will host one event the Newtown Square, Pennsylvania and the other event co-located with SAP Insider Digital Core and Intelligent Platform conference in Amsterdam.

Here is what you will get from the event:

  • You will get the latest updates on SAP solutions that enable you to connect distributed data assets and scale artificial intelligence, while embracing open technologies.
  • You will learn about SAP Data Intelligence, which was announced at SAPPHIRENOW, and SAP Data Hub, on a deeper level.
  • You will meet SAP’s product experts and have meaningful discussions in small groups, as well as have the opportunity for a 1:1 conversation.
  • You will learn how other customers are leveraging AI/ML by using SAP Data Hub and SAP Data Intelligence.
  • You will understand how SAP Data Hub and SAP Data Intelligence fit in with your enterprise data strategy.
  • You will leave with an exclusive SAP Data Hub laptop sticker!

Details on ASUG Event, Newtown Square, June 12

The ASUG event is June 12 at the SAP Offices in Newtown SquareASUG is organizing the event for us and Lenovo and Method360 are sponsoring a reception included with the event.   Here is the complete agenda.




At Newtown Square we will have members for our product team from Palo Alto, key customer experts from the Northeast region, and members from our center of excellence teams.   Plus, we will have one of our SAP Data Chefs.

There will be several experts for you to visit with 1:1.

This event is complimentary, register today!



Details on the SAP Insider event, Amsterdam, June 26

The SAP Insider  “Rise of Intelligent Data” is a track within Digital Core and Intelligent Platform conference.   To see the details on the “Rise of Intelligent Data” track select the Full Agenda then select the “Rise of Intelligent Data” track to see the details.




SUSE is sponsoring a reception immediately after the event at a local beach club.   They will share about their SUSE Containers-as-a-Service Platform and how you can get going quickly with SAP Data Hub when partnering with SUSE.

In order to receive an invite to the reception you need to be at the track, so please add it to your agenda!  If you haven’t registered for  SAP Insider Digital Core and Intelligent Platform conference, you can do so here.

For the Amsterdam event we will have product management in from Germany, as well as our center or excellence and customer success team.  There will be several experts for you to visit with 1:1.

I will be at both events and I look forward to seeing you there!  Let me know if you have any questions!

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