Chloe Pearce

To Partner or Not to Partner?

Posted by Chloe Pearce on July 22, 2014

Author: Mark Fasken, Third Core, Venture Expansion Partners Whether it’s in my own daily activities or those of the clients I work with, I constantly come across businesses that exist…

SAP HANA gets fashionable: PDP in use

Posted by Chloe Pearce on July 16, 2014

Author: Jessica Cintola, Espedia Consulting Within the Startup Focus Program, Espedia has developed SAP Product Development Platform (SAP PDP) based on SAP PPM 6.0 powered by HANA, SAP’s in-memory database….

What startup entrepreneurs are getting wrong

Posted by Chloe Pearce on July 15, 2014

Author: Uwe Wagner, Principal and Founder at Tiburon Consulting LLC, has many years of experience in sales strategy, partner management, channel operations and strategic business development. Most startups I have…