Jan Teichmann

SAP HANA on AWS Certified

Posted by Jan Teichmann on February 19, 2014

At TechED 2013 in Las Vegas it was announced by Vishal Sikka: SAP HANA’s availability on a bigger instance type of Amazon Web Services infrastructure: cr1.8xlarge with 16 vCPUs and…

SAP HANA Hybrid Cloud

Posted by Jan Teichmann on December 18, 2013

Today, I read an essay on hybrid cloud. This is a topic few people have blogged about in the SAP HANA space. However, it is a rich topic and the…

Your Fast Track to SAP HANA in the Cloud

Posted by Jan Teichmann on September 19, 2013

There is sufficient hype around in-memory computing and column-store databases, and you have found SAP HANA as the most promising product in the market. Now you want to get hold…