Thomas Zurek

Thomas Zurek

Dr. Thomas Zurek

Thomas is VP for Development of SAP HANA BW. He has 20+ years of experience in analytics and over 25 years with RDBMS. He holds a PhD in computer science from Edinburgh University.

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The Data Warehousing Quadrant

Posted by Thomas Zurek on April 4, 2017

A good understanding or a good description of a problem is a prerequisite to finding a solution. In this blog, I want to introduce just such a problem description for…

What is #BW4HANA?

Posted by Thomas Zurek on August 31, 2016

BW/4HANA is an evolution of BW that is completely optimized and tailored to SAP HANA. The BW/4HANA code can only run on SAP HANA as it is interwoven with SAP…