Chase Hacker

Senior Solutions Architect, Database And Data Mgt CoE, APJ

I have focused my entire professional career on complex analytics and Big Data solutions for customers. I began my professional career in the customer world, where I worked with MCI/Worldcom for 3 years architecting, implementing, and supporting a high-profile lead generation and analysis data warehousing solution. In 1998, I jumped to the technology vendor world and joined Sybase, where I originally worked as a Senior Consultant, but quickly advanced my career to Principal Consultant and beyond. After relocating to Asia Pacific in 2000, I continued to expand my depth and breadth of experience with customers all around the region, and across many different industry verticals. Though my background is very technical in nature, my ability to connect with customers as a trusted advisor has played a distinguishing role in my career, and was a key factor that led me into my more recent roles with SAP. Since the acquisition of Sybase by SAP in 2010, I have worked with the Center of Excellence focusing on SAP's platform solutions, and in particular the SAP HANA Platform. I continue to share and create new innovative solutions around systems of differentiation and innovation.

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