SAP HANA – A Gamechanger for Utilities

Posted by James McClelland on

Decarbonization, deregulation, and decentralization are disrupting the century-old utilities hierarchy. We see a “Digital Energy Network” emerging that reflects new structures of distributed generation, water supply, transmission, distribution, and retail. The Digital…

Richard Pledereder

Bimodal Architectures and SAP HANA

Posted by Richard Pledereder on

In today’s increasingly complex, data rich world, companies are beginning to see the cracks in single modal IT architectures. Whether it be the inability to handle and adapt to complex…

John Cardaris

ASUG EIM ’17 – Wrap Up

Posted by John Cardaris on

  From November 7th to the 9th SAP participated in the ASUG EIM 2017 conference in Schaumburg, Illinois for a spectacular data driven experience. With over 20 different sessions, 4…

Dan Kearnan

New SAP Cloud Seminar – Ramp up your knowledge!

Posted by Dan Kearnan on

For those interested in learning more about the SAP Cloud Platform and how best to incorporate SAP’s Platform-as-a-Service into your organization’s cloud platform needs, you will have a great opportunity…