Dan Lahl

Fuel Innovation with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Posted by Dan Lahl on

The digital enterprise is all about velocity and agility. Every speedup is a competitive advantage—whether you’re shortening time-to-market or accelerating decision-making. I like to think of the cloud as the…

How Fast Can a Pigeon Deliver the News?

Posted by Kim Mecca on

Where do you go for your daily headlines? Your stock prices? Certainly not your neighborhood pigeons. Thomson Reuters, also known as The Answer Company, is the world’s largest provider of…

Steve Lucas

Enterprise-Scale Innovation with SAP HANA

Posted by Steve Lucas on

Well here we are, it’s May and that means it’s SAPPHIRE season…which wouldn’t even BE SAPPHIRE these days without a new wave of HANA innovations making the news. (Which is…

HANA The Why

Posted by Henry Cook on

SAP Person: “HANA can run OLTP and OLAP from one copy of the data, speeding things up by thousands of times, dispensing with the use of aggregated data and indexes, shrink…

HIMSS 2016 is a week away!

Posted by Christine Donato on

In a world where healthcare reimbursement models are changing, care is moving towards an outcome based compensation model, and industry information exists in many different sources and formats (like images,…