The Future Of DW

Marc Bernard

The Road to SAP BW/4HANA – Part 1

Posted by Marc Bernard on September 7, 2016

(Updated January 2019) One of the most frequently asked questions is how you can get from your current data warehouse landscape to SAP BW/4HANA. At SAP, we realize each of…

Neil McGovern

#BW4HANA in the Cloud

Posted by Neil McGovern on September 6, 2016

On Wednesday, August 31st, we at SAP announced a new product for data warehousing – BW/4HANA. This product is the result of over a year of strategy development and represents…

Thomas Zurek

What is #BW4HANA?

Posted by Thomas Zurek on August 31, 2016

BW/4HANA is an evolution of BW that is completely optimized and tailored to SAP HANA. The BW/4HANA code can only run on SAP HANA as it is interwoven with SAP…

Tom Traubitz

The Data Warehouse Revolution Is Coming

Posted by Tom Traubitz on August 29, 2016

Modernizing the data warehouse is no longer just a passing thought in most major enterprises, but is increasingly become the imperative. A centralized structure for all our data that took…